Size: 5 1/4 X 44, Corona

Wrapper: Brazilian Aripriaca

Binder: 1998 Dominican Criollo

Filler: 1998 Nicaraguan & Dominican Criollo


Blended by Abe Flores, this smaller stick brings a surprising punch. The first impression of this pleasant little smoke is the beautiful craft-work. It’s a visually pleasing cigar that seems more luxurious than it’s $6 price tag would usually provide (price from local liquor store). The color and texture is interesting and a pigtail cap adds to the charm.

PDR 1878 Cubano Maduro 2

The humidor I purchased the stick from was sitting at about 78% relative humidity. Living in the gray and rainy Pacific Northwest, I find that most cigars respond well to this higher range of storage. I unwrapped and smoked the cigar as soon as I brought it home. I have a feeling it would have more to reveal with some settling in my humidor.

It cut very clean and lit up evenly. The first puff revealed an exceptionally easy draw. Some might even say it was too easy, but after experiencing too many tight draws lately, it was a relief to enjoy a smoke I didn’t have to work hard for. Despite the airy and easy draw, this cigar provides a thick and rich smoke right from the light-up.

The first inch is fairly one-dimensional with not much more than the typical dark coffee tones of most maduros. However, as I progress through the body, more complexity reveals itself. Unlike many cigars which mellow as you smoke, this one continues to build in flavor and intensity, moving from coffee, to more earthy flavors of bitter hazelnuts and cedar. As I approach the last third, it rallies with spice and pepper notes. I smoked this down to the nub, until my fingers could no longer stand the heat! An even burn and consistent draw throughout made this a joy to smoke, and the medium-to-strong flavor profile was a perfect complement to the cold autumn colors of my front porch.

I have seen several reviewers describe this as a light or medium smoke with cream flavors- honestly I got none of that. Flavor profiles can change depending on storage and aging, but I would say this is a more appropriate smoke for one who enjoys a more full-flavored and bold cigar.

Rating: 4 out of 6 stars

Appearance/feel/texture: 1= Oily, rich, pleasing shape and texture, cool band… this stick would make you look cool if you gave it to a smoking buddy.

Draw: 1/2= I would like to give this one a full star for the draw, as the smoke is thick and rich, but it was a bit loose and fast burning. I like a cigar that is a bit more patient.

Burn: 1/2= Straight burn and nice long ash, but seemed to go a bit fast due to the wide open draw. Smoke time was a little over an hour.

Aroma: 1/2= Stick has a pleasant scent, my son thought the smoke was a bit pungent.

Flavor: 1= Complex and enjoyable. Medium to full. I look forward to having another!

Excellence: Exceptional experience: 1/2= I would order a box!

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