My name is Cody Limbaugh.


Those of you who like bullet points, I have some for you! (but you might want to slow down and enjoy life!) For those who want more details…read on!

Let’s talk topics:

  • Lifestyle: Cigars, Travel, Bourbon, Food, and other pleasures of life’s experiences.
  • Entrepreneurialism, motivation and influence (leadership): Business tips. Impacting people’s lives and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Philosophy: Examining life and current events through the eyes of the Philosopher. Applying the love of wisdom to Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Metaphysics. (Things will get political here- be tough!)
  • Science and Technology: Looking at current and future progress on our search for knowledge. Astronomy, Biology, Physics, Anthropology, Radical Life Extension and other curiosities.
  • Fitness, Physical Culture: Old School Training, CrossFit, Strongman, Parkour.
  • Art: Music, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture and Drama.

Much of my life I’ve had such varied interests, I’ve felt like I’ve had intellectual whiplash. This is an attempt to coalesce many interests into a single place of discussion. My hope is to share with you some insights, experiences, opinions and artwork while offering up a constructive dialogue with you, for mutual learning.

It’s all about personal liberty. Set yourself free, and Live All Your Life!

I hope you can find value in the sharing, and enjoyment in the art.
I look forward to our conversations!

To jump right into a post or conversation- check out the most recent post and categories on the right, I’ll meet you there! If you want to see more depth into each topic…read on!

Lifestyle: So many things to enjoy in this life! Aristotle said that the purpose of life is…



Achieving goals and continuing to learn are certainly ingredients for happiness, but I find that many of the most enjoyable moments in my life, are those of quiet introspection, taking in simple pleasures.

Relaxing with a fine cigar and sipping on meticulously crafted bourbon while listening to great music…


Taking in a Puerto Villarta sunset with sand in the toes, warm air on the skin and lingering spice on the tongue…


Getting lost in a mesmerizing flame, smelling the campfire and enjoying the great food and company that comes with an evening under the stars…


I don’t believe we should live to work.

Pursue your passions and enjoy the journey. Your passion may be work to others, as theirs is to you. Certainly you should build character through your labor, but make it a labor of love and, remember to take the time to breathe!

Throughout the topic of Lifestyle, I’ll be reviewing various cigars, spirits, brews, and food along with the places that offer up enjoyment. I’ll be touching on travel and culture and bringing together various hobbies and experiences. This is definitely the kick-back-and-relax part of Live All Your Life!

Entrepreneurialism, motivation and influence (leadership): I’ve been in business for myself since I was 14 years old. I have held jobs for various employers along the way, but I have not had a boss now for the last 7 years. I can’t really imagine ever having a boss again. As someone who has come from a fairly poor background (by American standards), I have learned many hard-won lessons on my way to independence…


Anyone in a relatively free country can achieve independence from the daily grind of trading hours for dollars. I currently own and operate, with my wife, a Strength and Conditioning Gym. I am still in the process of buying more freedom (I still put in a lot of hours for my businesses.) But I am making progress, and I would like to share this journey with you, in hopes of helping you achieve success (your version of it!) and help you avoid making my mistakes! This is the how-to-get-shit-done area of Live All Your Life!

Philosophy: Our core beliefs are the greatest determining factor in how our lives are directed (again, assuming you live in a relatively free society). Many people today live a life of internal conflict. Yet they cannot see that the conflict is due to a lack of consistent philosophy. Many people take in information and choose to either accept it or reject it, depending on their perceptions and emotions of the moment. A well thought-out foundation of philosophy will allow you to discern truth, based on reason and observation, instead of purely relying on emotions. (Even your “gut-feeling” is really just a manifestation of your accepted philosophies.) Learning to break down complex societal events and complex concepts, into foundational axioms, will give you a confidence in life that lifts you out of the fog and into the light of truth.


Philosophy, by it’s very definition, should be applied to all areas of knowledge and reason. My primary focus, however, is on personal liberty, societal progress and political & economic theories. Here I will look at current and historical events and attempt to learn better solutions for our problems as a species. From personal actions, to relationships, to society as a whole, our achievements in philosophy are the greatest determining factor of our future. Stay tough for this area of Live All Your Life, because sometimes, the truth hurts.

Science and Technology: What an exciting time to be alive! The human race is at a threshold of achievement never before imagined. We have discovered that there are thousands of habitable planets in our galaxy, we will soon be growing our own replacement organs and discovering new, radically life-extending technologies. Digital currencies such as BitCoin could literally change the entire power structure of our planet’s societies. The internet promises to deliver vast knowledge and resources to nearly every human on the planet. No one knows where all of this is leading, but I am certain: the future will be an interesting ride! Live All Your Life, and join me as I try to keep up on all of these changes, and the implications to our lives!

Physical Culture: To Live All Your Life, the importance of staying free through physical ability cannot be over-stated! Staying functional and able, is the first step of personal independence. What good is personal liberty, if you are trapped in a prison, a shell that inhibits your ability to move or enjoy life? I have taught thousands of people how to stay fit and healthy over the past decade. Although this will not be the primary focus of Live All Your Life, it is a large part of who I am and how I think. So, from time to time, I will be sharing with you some insights on staying well, and staying free!

Art: The eyes are not the window to the soul, art is. I have never been a master of any art, but I have been an artist my whole life. I write music and play guitar, I draw, I sculpt and I have acted. I love to shoot still-life and time-lapse photos with old-school film cameras. I don’t claim to be the best of anything, but I find that art loses value, the less it is exposed. So, for this part of Live All Your Life, I will share with you some of my art. I hope you enjoy!

Warning!!! Not A One Way Street!

Live All Your Life, is a conversation. This is a platform for exchange and mutual benefit. I hope you’ll join me!

To jump right into a post or conversation- check out the most recent post and topics on the right-hand column, I’ll meet you there!



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