Rocking Boondocking Ep. 1: Living In A Box Truck

For the next two years, I’m living an experiment. I plan to purchase a box truck to live in and haul my motorcycle.

“See what the masses are doing, and do the opposite.”

That’s not bad advice. But I have one improvement to make to it…

See what the masses are doing and ask, “why?”.

Why do you work at a job that you don’t love for 8 or 9 hours per day?

Why do you commute to work?

Why do you spend a huge percentage of your income on a rent or mortgage payment?

Why do you spend the majority of your time working to pay bills that are just providing basic needs, then trying to fit enjoyable things into the cracks of whatever time and money you have left over?

Why are you living in a place with weather that you complain about for half the year?

Why do you think life has to be this way?

The more I ask “why? the less these things make sense to me.

For most of my life, I’ve obsessed with breaking free from the rat-race. For most of that time, I thought it would take piles of cash to make that happen. But I’ve had a recent change of perspective.

Can I be happy having very few possessions if it meant I could be free to travel anytime I want?

Can I feel satisfied with very low income, if it meant I’d have a lot of free time and didn’t have to be tied to one location?

Can I actually learn to save more money for the future, while earning less?

I intend to find out. I’m done dreaming. Time for doing.

Welcome to my new YouTube channel: RockingBoondocking.

I’ll be documenting my journey from buying the box truck, building it out, and the adventures of living and traveling in it. I’ll also be documenting my progress for RADICAL SAVING and investing.

Subscribe to LiveAllYourLife to keep up with all of my writing, podcasts, and videos on all sorts of topics. Or, to follow only the box truck adventures, subscribe to the new channel HERE.

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