Your Fitness Questions Answered!


I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach for 13 years, and I need your help.

When I started my company back in 2004, I called it Personal Excellence Training. The idea was to use fitness as a vehicle for people to learn how to live the “good life”. Many fitness principles can be applied to finances, relationships, personal development, etc…

Live All Your Life, in some sense, is the next evolution of that vision. I’m happiest when I’m learning and when I’m able to pursue an eclectic mix of topics, so fitness will only be one of many topics here. But it’s an important one. You can’t really get the most out of life if your health is suffering.

I’ve also been hired to be a staff writer for a new health & wellness site (to be announced soon!), and I’m still involved in the gym I founded, which is now re-branded as Finally, I’m a contributing author to

So here’s where you come in…

The reason I’m sharing all this with you is that I have a LOT of writing to do. And while I’m no guru, I do feel I have a lot of value to provide from my decade + of learning and coaching. I’m trying to assemble a list of 100 fitness topics that I can write about. I asked Facebook and one of my editors – so far I have about 50 potential blog posts. Half way there!

So now I’m asking you:

  • What fitness questions would you like to have answered?

  • What have you struggled with?

  • What have you heard about that you would like to have clarified?

  • What would you like to read about?

Live All Your Life will not become a fitness blog. Most of these posts will be on the three other sites I write for, but if you subscribe to the Live All Your Life newsletter, you will get weekly updates on where you can read all of my writing (no spammy crap – I promise). So if you’ve ever wanted to pick the brain of an experienced fitness coach without having to pay me $95 per hour – now’s your chance!

Ask me in the comments below! (If you’re reading this on Steemit- I’ll upvote every legit question or suggestion!)

Thanks for your help! I look forward to returning the favor.


If you’re reading this on Facebook, be sure to leave your comments on the blog not on facebook. I’m taking a social media fast until February- but that’s a topic for another post!

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