Steemit Fever: Watching My Kids Earn Crypto

I am bursting with excitement and fatherly pride!

My daughters both recently started Steemit accounts and have begun posting. They are both creative people and have chosen to start a habit of creating and sharing with a patient and generous mindset. I’m stoked!


Faith is 20 and has been writing fiction in her journals since she was about 12. She’s kept most of it private with a few chapters shared on Tumblr and other writing sites. But with only a few posts on Steemit, she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. With very few followers, she’s already had a chapter post over $100, and another now heading up over the $50 mark! Faith is a song lyricist and fiction writer. I’m looking forward to seeing her music posted as well!


Her 1st $100 post!

Follow Faith here:


Reagan is 15 and the last time we went phone shopping, I made it a point to get her the best camera possible. She’s shown for several years now, to have an amazingly intuitive eye for photography. She’s working on getting a daily habit going on Steemit to share her photography, and hopes to one day fund her dream of owning a global chain of classic books store/bar/coffee shops. She’s nurtured these dreams for a few years now, and I have no doubts!


A recent post of hers:

Follow Reagan here:

Did I mention that both of my daughters are un-schooled? Neither has received ANY formal training in any of these disciplines. They are guided to improve through their own passion and desire to learn and grow.

No coercion needed.




All Photos in this post are from Reagan.


The ability to own one’s self.

Reagan recently applied to a local tea shop to try to get experience in how to run her future coffee shop. She was denied the opportunity to apply for the job. She was told she must be 18 years of age to be hired for this minimum-wage, entry level job. Liability from using hot steam machines was cited as the reason.

Earlier this evening she baked a blackberry crisp from our backyard harvest. She googled a recipe and made the crisp unsupervised and apparently didn’t spontaneously combust or try to sue me for any equipment malfunctions. So a 15-year-old can handle hot and potentially dangerous conditions? WOW! Who knew?

Child labor laws, regulations, litigious culture… this all points back to a single mindset that is tearing down our society: The lack of self-ownership, otherwise known as entitlement is a plague.

I’m not just proud because my kids have talents they are willing to share and a work ethic to go after what they want. I’m mostly proud because they are taking ownership of their lives. They are not waiting for an employer, teacher, or other “authority” to grant them permission or hand them opportunities. They are creating their own opportunities. Steemit and the crypto-economy are giving them the tools to bypass the disease of the state and all of the self-entitled collectivist bilge. The future is exciting once again.


If there is only 1 lesson I hope to impart on my children and the rest of the world, it’s this:

Own it.


O.K., this isn’t necessarily a Reagan original, but it’s so damn cute I had to include it.

The future is, once again, bright!

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