Identity Crisis: Americans don’t know who they are.

In America, Conservatives and Liberals alike are frequently dissatisfied with their government officials. However, because they each have their own brand of patriotism, and self identified patriots often vote, there is a cognitive dissonance that occurs with the voter. They feel compelled to defend “America” from criticism because they take such criticisms personally. They “love America” and they participate in the election process, so any verbal aggression is taken as a slight.


It’s sort of like when an older sibling beats up and teases a younger brother, but when the neighborhood bully tries to pick on the kid, well… that bully better watch the Hell out! Big brother is looking out for his own and doesn’t take shit from anyone!

What no one seems to recognize in that scenario is that the older sibling isn’t protecting anyone, he in fact, is the bully.

Interesting that our over-reaching government is referred to as “Big Brother”.

Don’t think for a moment that they are here to protect you. The only reason they feign protection is to monopolize their role of bully.

And all the little siblings; the patriots of this nation.

When it is pointed out that our government’s welfare, economic and education systems are the root cause of poverty, the Liberals cry out, “Not so! I voted for those things and I am a loving caring person! It’s not my fault!”

When it is suggested that perhaps the reason terrorists threaten us, is a direct result of us dropping bombs on them, the Conservative is quick to lash back, “No! I haven’t hurt these people! They started it! We are only defending ourselves!”

You see, the process of voting exists to make you think you have a choice as to who rules over you. Since you have effectively “chosen” your “leader”, you have consented to be ruled by them, even if you complain or disagree.

An unfortunate side-effect, is that the voter then has to defend their process in order to not feel foolish. They are experiencing an identity crises.

Just remember folks; your government does not represent you.

They are not you.

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