VoluntaryVirtues: Kelly Thomas Murder, Jeff Peterson, Theater Murder, MORE…

Each Tuesday evening from 5-7pm Pacific I participate in a roundable discussion on Voluntary Virtues. Listen/watch live HERE or cach the archived version at your liesure.

On this episode we discuss:
00:00:00 Inro
00:08:00 The Murder of Kelly Thomas
00:29:30 Special Guest Jeff Peterson II
00:58:30 Neil Young & Daryl Hannah, Oil Sands
01:23:00 Police Have No Duty To Protect: Warren v. District of Columbia
01:34:10 An interesting discussion on mechanisms vs. individual accountability
01:43:00 Murderer in theater was ex-cop (Robert brings up an AMAZING idea!)
01:53:30 Baggy Pants Ban (and some implications of it)

Let's discuss this! Tell me what you think...

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