Symptom Based Treatments and The Occupy Movement

Many people in the West are beginning to recognize that our medical treatment of symptoms leaves something to be desired. We may not be disciplined in prevention yet, but there is an acknowledgement that in the hierarchy of medicine, a better ordering might look something like:

  1. Prevention through lifestyle (food, activities, environment etc…)
  2. Prevention through medicine
  3. Root-cause Cures through lifestyle
  4. Root-cause Cures through medicine…then
  5. Symptom management through lifestyle
  6. Symptom management through medicine

This described paradigm is incomplete to me but that’s because I only want to use it as an illustration -you get the idea. Our approach in Western medicine seems to be almost completely bass-akwards.

I don’t think this is a problem only with medicine though. I am beginning to see this same pattern as I look at all sorts of societal interactions. Our philosophy is bass-ackwards.

Kids aren’t failing in our schools because of testing effectiveness or budget issues, inflation isn’t caused by price increases any more than you are sick because you have a runny nose. NO! You have a runny nose because you are sick.

Our schools are failing because they are a state-run monopoly, based on an antiquated structure for the purpose of creating obedient factory workers and government employees. They are succeeding quite well at their primary function of indoctrinating kids to not question authority, and grow to possess a collectivist world-view.

Prices don’t really increase, it’s your dollar that is worth less and less. Why? Because any time the Government wants to purchase more power, they borrow and print more money. Printing more makes all existing supplies worth less. It is a way of taxing you more without you knowing about it. People just blame businesses for raising prices instead.

The most unfortunate aspect of The Occupy movement is that most of the people involved know there is something wrong but they are not educated in the root causes of these problems. Without knowing the underlying philosophy of the current systems, they are just trying to attack the runny nose for making them sick. “Excessive profits” are not the problem, they are a symptom (in some cases) of Corporate protectionism that is provided by the state. How can you expect the government to fix the problem, when it is our system of government and those in power that are at the very root cause? Try asking your virus to make you better. If only the virus could regulate my runny nose better, then I would be well!

When people talk about the “dumbing-down” of our society, it seems they are usually talking about language, mathematics or even entertainment. I think this is symptomatic as well. We have abandoned teaching philosophy. We are discouraged from asking the right questions. Logic and reason are abandoned for rote memorization, layered,

opinions upon facts,

upon opinions upon facts,

like a giant lasagna of propagandist “knowledge”.

When we can get more people to begin asking the right questions, we will finally move toward the right solutions. Our people are not dumbed-down, they are simply distracted by the shiny objects of the state. Check out this interview and watch for where all of the blame is placed…

As a musician he’s one of my favorites, but as a political activist, he has not seemed to grasp the underlying concepts that are at the root of his described problems. Notice how he seems a bit taken back about the Federal Reserve question. He brushes it aside as if it is of least importance, but the FED is a major leveraging tool for the very corruption he is describing.(UPDATE- since I first posted this, Tom Morello has come forward to sharply criticize the FED and the current administration. He may not be getting to the root causes yet but at least there is growth and some critical thinking being demonstrated.) I also cringe when people say profit is the cause of problems. Can he not connect the fact that if his music was not profitable, nobody would know who he is or care what he has to say? He is a wealthy rock star. At some point I would say he made some serious profits! Profits don’t make other people poor, nor do they destroy the environment. Profits did not cause foreclosures. Government incentives and requirements promoted horrible lending practices that no sane profit-seeking bank CEO would ever condone, without the state interference.

But those are all nit-picky aspects to the overall problem. The philosophical pillars that prop up our government will continue to support the tyranny of the state over its people. That is until more people are exposed to the right questions. Recognizing symptoms is a great skill, but for it to manifest in the form of solutions, the symptoms must be traced back to the root causes, and to recognize these causes, one must have a consistency in philosophical understanding of First Principles.

Let’s start with the axiom that you exist. Let’s work on the concept that you own your own life. Let’s live as if we respect each other’s ownership of our selves.

Live All your Life.

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